From the Founder

Welcome to the first issue of Unstoppable – the new quarterly e-newsletter from National Group. I hope you enjoy this issue and would be pleased if you refer it to colleagues or friends who would find this information useful. 

It’s been a big quarter for National Group. In September, we announced the largest recruitment campaign in the company’s history with an additional 60 new jobs planned by December.

We need more people because National Group continues to grow in its key markets of Queensland, NSW and Western Australia.

Our workforce is increasing as National Group’s fleet expands, and as we prepare for stronger equipment demand next year as Covid restrictions ease. We’re helping clients plan their equipment needs further out, to ensure they have the machines they need in 2022 and beyond.

A highlight of the quarter was National Group being awarded a contract for the supply of major mining equipment and services at Newcrest Mining’s world-class Cadia gold mine in NSW – another reason why we are hiring more people.

We need diesel fitters, operators, maintenance supervisors, plant clerks and truck drivers. If you know of people who are looking for an opportunity in the mining-services industry – and have what it takes to succeed – please refer them to National Group Job Vacancies.

Apprenticeships are another focus for National Group, as reported here in this issue of Unstoppable. In 2020, the company launched its first major apprenticeship campaign. We were happy with the results and decided to expand the program this year and into 2022.

The apprenticeship program is about developing more diesel fitters within National Group. This is an important long-term investment in the company’s future. We want motivated young people, from all walks of life, to build successful careers at National Group.

We want to develop people internally and train them in the National Group way from day one. We want them to buy into the company’s values and contribute to its long-term growth.  And, most of all, grow their skills and career as National Group grows.

Elsewhere in this issue, I recommend reading the story on National Group’s sponsorship program. Our sponsorships range from supporting a Supercar team, to mining-industry events and awards, to supporting local clubs in communities in which we operate.

National Group wants to extend its sponsorship program and help more charities over time – particularly in regional communities in which we operate. Mental health, drought and bushfire support are areas we’d like to explore.

National Group has never said much about its program of support for regional events and programs. Much of this sponsorship is small and low key, but I know it makes a difference to the regional communities in which our employees and their families live. 

To my thinking, our regional sponsorships are a core part of National Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy – and what we stand for.

Over the coming year, you’ll see more information from National Group as we expand our communications. As the company approaches its 25th anniversary next year, we are proud of what National Group looks like today – and excited about where it’s heading.

Our catchline of ‘Unstoppable’ seems more relevant today than ever.  

Mark Ackroyd

Founder and Managing Director

National Group