Automated and innovative contract mining solutions such as large scale satellite bulk dozer push and semi-autonomous blast hole drilling


Wolff Mining provides automated and innovative solutions to the mining industry such as large scale satellite bulk dozer push, semi-autonomous blast hole drilling, contract mining services, excavator rental and pre-strip fleets, civil earthworks, site clearing and rehabilitation works. We are the first in the world to optimise semi-autonomous tractor system (SATS) technology into a mining production environment, winning multiple awards including Contract Miner of the Year at the 2018 Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

Wolff Mining provides earthmoving equipment on a contract mining basis, which includes the provision of an operator. We are leaders in the field of mining automation, known for our first in the world Semi-Autonomous Tractor System (SATS) technology. 

Semi-autonomous mining equipment can improve efficiency and therefore save costs, increase production and help reduce risks by providing a safer working environment for mine site personnel.

Our capacity to ramp up and down production according to market fluctuations and other factors has also proven invaluable when meeting client specific requirements.

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Specialising in the transport of equipment of any size to the remotest sites across Australia.
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Whole of mine solutions including heavy earthmoving equipment hire, operational labour and skilled maintenance.
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Unstoppable in heavy earthmoving equipment hire.
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Wolff Mining

Wolff Mining is well known in the industry for our ability to implement and optimise semi-autonomous tractor system (SATS) technology, in a world’s-first application into a mining production environment. We pride ourselves on innovation and technology and have been recognised for our efforts by winning multiple awards, including Contract Miner of the Year at the 2018 Australian Mining Prospect Awards.