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Twelve New Komatsu 830E Haul Trucks Arriving In Australia For Assembly

Measuring at just under 7 meters high and 8 meters wide, the Komatsu 830E is a leader in the 240-tonne class.

Australian owned and operated private company, National Plant & Equipment are excited to be welcoming an addition of twelve immediately available new haul trucks; Komatsu 830E electric drive into their extensive heavy equipment fleet this July.

Measuring at just under 7 meters high and 8 meters wide, the Komatsu 830E is a leader in the 240-tonne class  mining  truck where  companies  using  this  equipment  experience one  of the lowest cost per tonne operations.

The  arrival  of  twelve new  Komatsu  830Es is  fairly  uncommon  in Australia and  as  such  has created quite a stir in the market.

“Despite being in high demand, these trucks are extremely difficult to come by in Australia due to  their  size  and  cost  of  acquisition”  Mark  Ackroyd,  CEO  of  National  Plant  &  Equipment explains.

In what is an impressive procurement, the fleet of twelve dump trucks are expected to arrive at the Port of Brisbane in July where an equally impressive arrangement of heavy haulage vehicles  and low loaders, including 10 line steerable drake trailers, will be waiting to transport the dump trucks to National Plant & Equipment’s yard in Yatala.

It  is  at  the  yard  in  Yatala,  where  the  dump  trucks  will  be assembled,  within  a  month, by  an experienced team of 20 personnel on what will be a 24/7 project, all of which will be captured for a time lapse production.

“With  the  interest  that  the  purchase  of  this equipment  has amassed,  we  wanted  to  give  the industry a rare insight into what it takes to assemble these sizeable dump trucks” said Mark.

“This  is  one  of  the  largest  simultaneous equipment  builds  that  our  team  will  have accomplished, especially on a tight timeframe,” Mark continues.

In  what  will  be  no  easy  feat,  having  twelve  8-meter  wide  dump  trucks  in  various stages  of assembly, the staff of National Plant & Equipment are ready to take on the challenge.


  • Maximum gvw 385848 kg 850,650 lb
  • Gross horsepower 1865 kw 2,500 hp
  • 7.30m wide x 6.88m high
  • Powered by a komatsu sda16v160 engine, the general electric drive system provides efficient transfer of the power to the ground while demonstrating low fuel consumption and excellent reliability.
  • The dynamic retarding provides the greatest braking efficiency in the industry, utilizing advanced logic including retard speed control.
  • The  modern  operators  cab  is  fully  rops/fops  certified  and  designed  for  maximum operator comfort.