Mark Ackroyd, National Group Managing Director

Mark Ackroyd weighs in on how COVID-19 has impacted the mining industry

As featured in the June 2020 Edition of Australian Mining Magazine, written by Salomae Haselgrove.

The mining industry will help lead the charge and stimulate the economy as we come out the other end of the coronavirus pandemic

National Group Managing Director Mark Ackroyd has experienced the mining industry’s record-breaking highs and lows during the past two decades. Salomae Haselgrove speaks to Ackroyd about the impact the pandemic will have on the industry.

Since founding National Plant & Equipment, part of the National Group in 1997, Mark Ackroyd has overcome the challenges of the 2008 global financial crisis and the 2015 commodity market downturn, two of the toughest periods in recent history the mining industry in Australia has faced.

In 2020, the industry has been confronted by a new challenge in the form of the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen industries such as the hospitality, travel, tourism and entertainment close their doors.

Only services classified as “essential” by the Australian Government have seen less impact during this crisis. Mining is classified as an “essential service” and has therefore been impacted far less than other industries that help keep the Australian economy strong.

The mining industry although less affected than other industries, has quickly had to adapt to new ways of operating. With State Governments such as Queensland and Western Australia closing their borders, which are home to some of Australia’s key mining operations, this was bound to have an impact on the Australian Mining industry.

Ackroyd remains positive about the position of the Australian mining industry during COVID-19.

As Ackroyd explains, the coronavirus pandemic has solidified the importance of the mining industry to the Australian economy, as operations and supporting industries help to keep the nation afloat in a time of uncertainty.