Focus on growing careers as National Group grows

Executive Assistant Chloe Krkovski revels in new tasks and challenges.

National Group Team Members at Blackwater Mine

Chloe Krkovski was doing administrative tasks and data entry in the superannuation industry before she joined National Group in January 2018.

Almost four years later, Chloe is Executive Assistant to National Group founder and CEO Mark Ackroyd and Chief Operating Officer Julian Cook.

In addition to supporting Mark and Julian, Chloe assists on machine management, employment contracts, payrolls, invoices, accommodation planning and technology support. She’s also helping National Group operations staff relocate for the new Cadia contract in New South Wales.

“I absolutely love my job,” says Chloe. “Every day is different. There’s always a new task and a new challenge, particularly with National Group growing so much since I joined. I’ve had to be versatile and adapt quickly to many different tasks. It’s really exciting.”

Chloe never expected to work in mining. “I saw an ad for a receptionist at National Group and felt like I connected with Mark and Julian in the interview. They wanted someone who was ambitious and wanted to grow their role. I wanted an opportunity to build my career. My dad worked as a plumber in the mining industry but I never thought I’d work in mining.”

Chloe’s role quickly expanded from receptionist to personal assistant, and now executive assistant and general problem solver at National Group. “My day might involve organising accommodation for National Group employees and getting them a phone and laptop. Or being the first person they call when they need help with something admin-related.”

The 26-year-old has developed a strong interest in mining. “Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to become fascinated by a Liebherr 9800 Excavator or find the operations side of mining services so interesting. Mining is a great industry to be part of.”

Chloe has assisted with the implementation of semi-autonomous dozers through Wolff Mining (a National Group company that is developing mining automation). “I’m a curious person by nature, so the opportunity to learn about mining automation has been fantastic.”

Long-term career growth

Having completed a Certificate in Business, Chloe might one day do a Master of Business Administration (MBA). “National Group feels like it has doubled in size since I joined in 2018. I’ve made massive career progress here, but I know I’ll need to keep developing my skills and experience as the company grows. If I ever do an MBA, I’m sure National Group will give me a lot of support and encouragement.”

Chloe’s study plans are on hold, for now. With a three-year-old daughter, she’s juggling motherhood with a busy, successful career. “National Group was great when I went on maternity leave. The company has a really good work/life balance and a supportive, family-like organisational culture. The company has been impeccable for me.”

Chloe hopes other young women will join National Group. “We have more women joining National Group in operations and head-office roles, and through Wolff Mining. There are a lot of career opportunities for women in mining and it’s great to have that workplace diversity.”

She says the ability to contribute to National Group’s growth is an attraction. “I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. I feel like I’m blessed to able to work with such a great group of people in a great company and industry, all from the Gold Coast. And to be able to continue developing and growing my career when I’m a working mum.”

Away from work, Chloe loves spending time with family and enjoys horse riding. “I take my horse (Trigger) on some trail riding on the Gold Coast Hinterland. It’s a great way to unwind after a busy week doing so many different things.”