Whole of mine solutions including heavy earthmoving equipment hire, operational labour and skilled maintenance


We provide a broad range of flexible, customised and comprehensive whole of mine solutions and infrastructure services. We have a demonstrated capability in large scale contract mining projects involving production requirements in excess of 3 million BCM per month of waste and coal. National Mining Services offers heavy earthmoving equipment hire, operational labour and skilled maintenance that is scalable to suit your needs. National Mining Services can offer solutions to suit your budget without compromising on the quality of products, safety or production output. With over 80 years of management experience, we understand the importance of every product stage, remaining on-time and on-budget.

National Mining Services has a diverse team of skilled, qualified and experienced personnel across Australia. Our people cover a wide skillset ranging from maintenance, drill and blast expertise, engineers, surveyors and more. With a labour force that covers the country, NMS provides a scalable workforce to suit your requirements. As part of the National Group and Australia’s largest independent heavy plant equipment group, our complementary entities can supply your operation with a broad and diverse range of services, vehicles, plant and equipment.

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